August 2, 2010

Confinement Lady

Hubby and I met up with our Confinement Lady yesterday. I thought better to waste RM300 rather than RM3000 so I suggested to meet up with her before Clarisse's birth JUST IN CASE. Yes, I had made a deposit of RM300 before even I met her in order to book her - SAU WAH "JIE". She was introduced by hubby's cousin, only comment from hubby's cousin was that this CL is very talkative. Indeed, she is a very very talkative person. After I have booked her, she called me three times to check how I am and the conversation usually lasted at least 15 minutes or more, and she was the one who did all the talking most of the time. 

Hubby and I decided to buy her a lunch and asked her about  the Herbs Packages that she recommended earlier on. We wanted to know more because she said the Postnatal Herbs Package cost RM800-RM900 plus plus. 

SAU WAH JIE in her Late Fifties or Early Sixties I believe, with her short curly hair dyed in Purplish Red, plump, average height, dark complexion, heavy make up (especially with her eye liner), in Purple Floral Top and a Black Slacks. We picked her up from the Pudu Pasar (market), and she surprised us by inviting her "friend" along when we told her to pop into our car. 

The moment she sat in the car, she was so excited and squeezed herself in the middle of the car which THERE IS NO SEAT for her. It's hubby's New BABY (Car) so hubby told her to move to the side and talk slowly when we reached the eating place. It was a little awkward to us because she brought along an uninvited guest. Not that we mind paying an extra person's lunch but we were not informed prior to this. 

So, I thought why not I start to break the ice and start a conversation while we were on our way to the eating place. So, I started...

Mama : So, how was it in Singapore? Work for How long? (In our last tele-conversation, she was in Singapore doing confinement.)

Sau Wah Jie : Aiyoh...Actually I didn't work there. I lied to you because I was actually resting in Singapore at that time. 

Mama : Huh?  ( I was shocked because during the last conversation I clearly heard the Baby crying over the phone and she was also complaining about the mother insisted on breastfeeding even though the breastmilk made the baby's poo watery.) How? ( I continued)

Sau Wah Jie : Yalor..I fall from the escalator? 

Mama : Huh? Escalator? The Condo got Escalator or you fall in the shopping mall's escalator?

Sau Wah Jie : No la. I fall at the Custom's Escalator Unlucky. I was injured badly until cannot walk. The wound was so bad and I was resting in Singapore for a month. I didn't want to tell you all earlier because I was not sure what is going to happen next. LUCKILY, my daughter bought me insurance, that's why during your confinement I need to go out to Singapore again to settle the insurance and also do a checkup there.

Mama : ?????? So........

Sau Wah Jie : Ya lor, Ya lor....I feel paiseh (embarrassed) to inform you earlier because I did not manage to get a replacement for you at that time.

Mama : .......?????

Sau Wah Jie : But now, I found good as me.... to take care of you during your confinement.

Mama : Errr......????? So, You are doing my confinement??

Sau Wah Jie : I wish I can...but really I need to settle my insurance and check up at that time. I really wish I can do it for you. 

Then she started to show me her leg (which I don't find any NEW INJURY, that injury was a very old injury which is similar to my granny's which might be more than yearsss). I didn't want to ask further because I was already confused and unhappy since it was very obvious that she was lying. 

Sau Wah Jie : Don't worry...Ah Ping is my friend, she is in this line for a long time already. I didn't want to inform you earlier because I was not sure Ah Ping Jie can take the job or not? So now, I feel so released because I have finally found someone to take over my place and take care of you. At least, I have tried my best to do my part for you. At least, someone will be there to take care of you and baby during your confinement.

SO! Now, my confinement lady is not SAU WAH JIE anymore. My Confinement lady is PING JIE. I read about it somewhere about many CL simply get the replacement right before your due date, and turned out a big MESS. Now, it is happening to me! Arghhh!

Hubby and I were looking at each other during the lunch, didn't know what to say. But to be honest, If SAU WAH JIE can do it for me, I might not use her. Because during the lunch, I was a little disgusted with her.... spitting of food (YUCKS!!!). Very typical granny's attitude. Whereas PING JIE, she was more polite and gentle. 

PING JIE in her late fifties with her fair complexion, No Make up, Black Long Curly Hair in Ponytail, Average Size in her comfortable T-shirt and Jeans. She doesn't look like her age at all, maybe because of her good skin complexion it makes her looks way younger than her age. She was less talkative, and she was more polite and less calculative. Because when I asked her how many days exactly she will work for me, she told me straight away that it is usually 28 days but if I really need help she didn't mind to stay 2 days more. But this irritating SAU WAH JIE added if we need extra days, it will be charged accordingly.


But it is still early to judge anyone at this point. Ping Jie to me at the moment, she is very quiet, not too sure whether she is experienced enough to carry out the job. 

Sometimes I feel stupid, I have maids, mum and granny at home to help out, and I need to pay her RM3k to just take care of Baby and cook for ME ALONE. Is this RM3K justifiable? Still early to judge. Many told me it is, I will have faster and better recovery with CL's help. Some told me, it is nonsense paying so much for NOTHING. But of course, I have many hands to help during the daytime, CL is hired because I really need someone to help out in the night for Baby's feed. My mum and maids cannot do this for me in the night. Let me try it and shall comment it later. 

I also want to mention about the Herb Packages that we had sillily paid to her RM924.60. The package included :-

- 28 days of Hong Zhou (Red Date) Dong Sam Packages
- 28 days of Herbal Soup Ingredient - for Mama
- 28 days of Dai Feng Ngai (Herbal Bath) - for Mama
- 28 days of Herbal Bath - for Baby
- 1 bottle of Yu Yi Yau (Some Chinese Oil to ease Baby's stomachache)
- SOME baby chinese medicines...(sorry...didn't go through the box thoroughly) but I must said whatever you need to take care a baby in a CHINESE WAY.
- 1 packet PAO SUM
- 1 packet DONG GUAI

Something like that.... Not sure whether it is worth RM924.60 or not and also not sure how effective it is to me and baby. I didn't use any of these mentioned above during my first pregnancy. I had the Dong Sam & Red Dates Drinks for many many days and I had the Ginger Chicken Soup for many many days too. That's about it. Nothing on the Herbal Soup, nothing on the Herbal bath both on me or baby. Hubby and I are more to the doctor's side. If my pediatrician says NO to the Herbal Bath or any of the chinese medicine, we are not gonna use it for SURE. And I am not going to use any Herbs on myself too if it's going to ruin my breastfeeding plan. I shall comment on this expensive herbal package after my confinement. Is there any cheaper way to do a confinement? GOT! No CL No Herbs...go for the WESTERNER'S STYLE!! :)


nicole said...

Chris, i think the herbal package is quite expensive...u don't need herbal bath for baby. whereas for other 'ingredients' if the quality is top of the range then it's worth it. but my guess is they gave u the average one. u can easily get those from chinese medicine hall at cheaper price

herbal soup...the simple one will do...but maybe for first 2 weeks, after that u don't need so much of it.

I'm taking mostly fish, soup,pork ribs n vege for first 2 weeks. less ginger, less wine coz breastfeeding. took bath after the 12th day :P and didn't use any 'herbal bath' this time. take care of the newborn mostly on my own (yes, day n night) as the elder one needs more attention and my mum took care of her.

maybe u should think twice before hiring the CL

Chris Yee said...

Ya...Nicole..I am hesitating NOW...dunno how la... But I had a very tough time without CL the last time. Plus, Chloe is sleeping with us. We have noone to help in the night. Chloe is not a good sleeper, and I am not sure how is it with my new girl.... How la??? Hmm.. *sigh*.... 烦死人了!And the thing is I am not too sure how good is this CL...dunno what she will do to my baby in the night, dunno whether she is clean or not...dunno whether she is supportive enough on my breastfeeding plan.... aiyah... 烦!烦!烦!

Montessorimum said...

If u can go to the herbal shop and pick up the herbs yourself, it is cheaper. In fact very much cheaper. They have package too. Prepacked herbs for soup for confinement, most expensive is about Rm15 only.

I never have any confinement lady for all my four babies. My mum and maid were around to help. By end of week 1 , I feel strong enough to walk about and do chores. (Though my mum keep asking me to lie down). I take care of baby myself (mum bathe baby and change soiled diapers) but I co-sleep with baby and fully breastfed them. Don't find it tiring at all. The key is when baby sleep, you sleep.

Better spend the money on good malay traditional massage. You can choose to have 12 days or a full 40 days, only cost RM3K plus for 40 days, 4 hours sessions.

Montessorimum said... the way...during the 4th confinement...I have all four children sleeping in the same room, and no 3 even share the masterbed with me and baby. Hub slept in another room. Mum sleep with me..but I pity some nights I don't even wake my mum up to change baby.I kau tim myself.

Chris Yee said...


GENG A~! Four children all in ONE ROOM. I am now thinking HOW to handle two in ONE ROOM. I guess it is the matter of EFFORT??? Hehe... I think after these comments, I will think twice on the confinement lady now. Actually I talked to my hubby last night about CL issue, but he said is better to CL so that I can rest?!! Maybe he meant HE CAN REST. Hahaha...

As for the HERBS.... *Sigh* .... too late to say NO! Hubby already paid her, and I dun think she allowed us to return. :( GOT CHEATED ALREADY.

Thanks for advise. I will think twice on the CL again ...3 more weeks to go... If someone can do it, i think i can do it also right??